Apple To Introduce In-app Payments For iPhone To Lure App Developers
With the air over iPhone getting hotter and the App Store about to spill over with apps, Apple plans to allow the developers to in-app payments to applications through the iPhone App Store.The in-app commerce would be one of the the significant additions to the much awaited iPhone 3.0 OS.The idea seems quite simple, with transactions taking place within the application Apple is trying to change the economic trend of mobile application market.
YouTube XL: World’s Most Popular Videos Now On Your TV
With Hulu releasing its Hulu Desktop a week ago, YouTube declares a video war with its YouTube XL.
8 Things You Will Miss in Windows 7 Starter Edition
There was much ado about Microsoft lifting Windows 7 Starter Edition's restriction to three application.
Change Number of Recent Items in Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List
Microsoft has put in all its efforts to make life easier with Windows 7.
Microsoft Tag: Another New Application for iPhone Users
Microsoft is getting on with Apple's ubiquitous touchscreen device.
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