Microsoft Tag: Another New Application for iPhone Users

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 16, 2009

Microsoft is getting on with Apple’s ubiquitous touchscreen device. This time its up with another cutting edge application to make  iPhone users happier. The new whizkid on the iPhone blocks - Microsoft Tag holds newer commitments. This is Microsoft second iPhone add -on after Seadragon that offers seamless browsing of colossal visual information. With the Seadragon reigning, there’s more to watch out with Microsoft Tag.

Microsoft Tag offers a number of commendable feature that enhances the utility of iPhone.

  1. Just by pointing the phone camera to a custom tag, the users would have access to mobile content,  contact information, video, music, social networks, promotions, maps,  and more.
  2. The Microsoft Tag makes use of two dimension codes to store data in triangle shapes and colors. In fact the application stores a unique ID for the data. The ID can be fetched to store more data on Microsoft server.
  3. The Microsoft tag will not be restricted to iPhone. Those using Windows Mobile, Blackberry, J2Me or Symbian S60 phones will also be able to avail its features.

If you are ready to download the Microsoft tag, let me tell you, you’ll have to pay the operator fees.

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