YouTube XL: World’s Most Popular Videos Now On Your TV

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

<b>youtube</b>With Hulu releasing its Hulu Desktop a week ago, YouTube declares a video war with its YouTube XL. With the new product, YouTube would take site viewing experience a step further. This revolutionary product will allow a vast majority of people to view YouTube’s content on TV or large screen computer. Actually, YouTube XL is a redesigned version of the YouTube website and will be running on the browser. It won’t need require any download to run the application.

Features of YouTube XL

Streamlined Interface

It is quite clean and carries no ads. But, it has got rid of the features like suggested videos, comments and other content that clutters the site. The new interface is streamlined and is usable across the room.


Runs on different devices

The most attractive thing about XL is that it will work on nearly any device that has a browser and it can also connect to the TV.  That implies you can use watch the XL videos on PS3 (except the HD YouTube).Similarly, you can also use the Wii for the new site, but you might complain about the lower resolution.

Control the App Remotely

When they say its a TV like experience, you must be looking control the XL remotely. Well, you may use the wireless keyboard, still for better YouTube allows you to a third party application Gmote, the remote control app that runs on Android phones. For more you can scroll around menus and type the text that you’d like to search.   The input is sent over the Wi-Fi network.

With YouTube XL you would have a mind blowing experience of watching videos on your computer and TV. It would be great fun to watch user generated videos on YouTube XL.

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