Vietnam is the Haven for High-Tech Criminals
According to McAfee report, 58% domain that was hosted in Vietnam's vn domain is the breeding ground for Malware.
Two Million PCs are Part of Botnet in USA
According to the recent research conducted by Microsoft, more than 2.2 million PCs in the last six months are part of Botnet ie the network of infected computers.
Spam Related Domain Registration is on Rise in Russia after China’s Security Clampdown
According to security provider M86 Security, many spammers based in China are opening new domain registration in Russia.
The Biggest Online Banking Fraud Unearthed in UK
According to the latest research in Israel, a network of 100,000 compromised computers, called Botnet are used to defraud the online banking details.
Kneber botnet Virus attack compromises 75,000 computers
In one of the massive security breaches ever almost 75000 systems have been compromised in Virus attack.
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