Spam Related Domain Registration is on Rise in Russia after China’s Security Clampdown

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Saturday, September 25, 2010

spammming According to security provider M86 Security, many spammers based in China are opening new domain registration in Russia. There are 6000 new domain registration in Russia during the last month to support the spam campaigning, the company further said. The latest move is due to the fact that the Chinese domain regulator, China Internet Network Information Center tightened the rules for domain registration further.

Two domain name registrar in Russia that are in question are Naunet and As per M86 Security, The former one has 4,000 new domain registration for spam campaigning like Eurosoft Software, Online Casinos, and Ultimate Replica. The latter witnessed 1,800 new domain name registration which leads to Canada based Pharmacy web sites.

The security company also reported “In addition to being tied to spam campaigns, domains registered through these registrars have been used as botnet controllers for the Zeus crimeware kit”. Zeus is a financial Malware kit which is an automated toolset for generating attacks and running botnets, in order to steal people’s financial details and thus money. M86 security further added that Naunet is also providing service “as control servers for the Asprox botnet,” which targets websites which use Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP).

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