netflix According to a report by Los angeles Times, Blockbuster Video is planning for bankruptcy next month. The report further says that the plan was designed by Blockbuster so that they can get out of the leases on perhaps 800 underperforming stores. The company already closed 100 retail stores last year.   The chain operates more than 3,400 stores.Those days are gone that you can drive a video store to rent a movie. For the last several years, Blockbuster has closed stores, laid off thousands, and generally been tending towards extinction.
boeing Boeing  showed its 787 simulator and training facility on Thursday after receiving FAA approval to start pilot training for the latest 787 Dreamliner. The new 787 which was announced six years ago is the first major airliner to be built of carbon fiber composite materials. The first Dreamliner took off and landed on last December. The customer training center for Boeing 787 Dreamliner and other Boeing aircraft is located just south of Seattle and close to the company's 737 manufacturing plant. A big 747-400 model hangs above the lobby.
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