G Ticket: Google’s Alternative to Ticketmaster

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Friday, July 9, 2010

g-ticketSan Francisco (GaeaTimes.com) We all know Ticketmaster where we can buy most of the tickets for live concerts, movie tickets and many other big events. Now there are rumors that Google is launching an alternative to Ticketmaster named G-Ticket. Ticketmaster is a Tickets sales and distribution company that was founded in 1976 and later merged with Live Nation and was renamed Live Nation Entertainment.

There is still no official announcement from Google and this news can be classified as a rumor. But as the prophets say, there may be some truth in the rumor. There are some incidents of projects being rumored to be going on at Google when information is leaked beforehand. Sometimes a public release of that project happens and sometimes the project does not see the light of the day, or more appropriately the light of the web. Google generally shun those projects which are unlikely to go popular. Anyone experienced in the software development industry knows that any project may bring you a fortune and some may not click at all. Hotmail creator Sabeer Bhatia created many other projects after Hotmail, but they did not gain the fraction of popularity that Hotmail received.

Whatever the situation is, it will be clear in a few days whether the G-Ticket project is real one or not and time will tell whether it will gain popularity or not, if the project actually exist. If the fictional G-Ticket platform comes to real life, it is hard to predict its success and it may at last become a failure like the Google Nexus One super smartphone.

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