Steve Jobs just had a liver transplant surgery!

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, June 20, 2009

steve-jobs-iphoneFrom April to this date, Steve Jobs’ health has been of a prime concern for the entire tech-world. While we got rumors that Steve was working for Apple Table Pc or that he is active inside Apple, we also had a common sense to ignore some news that weren’t just acceptable enough. Proving our assumptions true, WSJ today reports a surprising piece of revelation that Steve Jobs had gone through a liver transplant surgery in Tennessee about two months ago. In 2004, it was disclosed that Jobs had suffered from pancreatic cancer, which was cured. But, a side effect of that cancer is likely the thing that lead to this liver transplant, many doctors familiar with such things have stated. The other details of the surgery is still not known but it actually poses some very interesting contexts into picture, now that we are sure (?) of how Steve is. Let’s highlight upon that.

Apple Looks good now even without Steve

When he does return, Mr. Jobs may be encouraged by his physicians to initially “work part-time for a month or two,” a person familiar with the thinking at Apple said. That may lead Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, to take “a more encompassing role,” this person said. The person added that Mr. Cook may be appointed to Apple’s board in the not-too-distant future.

Let’s face it. The initial hype that if Steve Jobs is gone, there will be none to steer Apple to success has already been proven false by Cook. From Apple stocks to latest announcements, if you consider someone as magnanimous as Steve Jobs out of the cotext, Cook has done a wonderful job that any company will be proud of. So, I don’t think, there is much to worry about when and how can Steve come and be the saviour of Apple because Apple stands alone well, for now (But the little doubt that is there is for all the products announced now, had Steve stamp in it while he was working. So, we will have to wait whether Cook can start on his own and produce that Jobs’ magic that Apple benefits from)

A Public Trading Company too private about what goes on inside

And then again, with all the points and endless rumors and speculations that very awkwardly even Steve Wozniak also was a part of (we understand why didn’t he want to disclose that bit of information but it makes little sense as it had to come out), some have alleged that Jobs and Apple have held news of Jobs’ health too closely for a publicly traded company. I just wonder, now realizing this big a news was actually hidden, it just may hurt Apple fanboys’ sentiments.

The Timing?

There is this interesting context too. iPhone 3G S and Apple Macbook Air 13″ have been announced and lauded by millions around the world. So now the news hails from a zone of uncertainty that can go both ways. It can hurt the sentiments and make investors unsure of Apple, or it can just take the normal road and surge Apple’s shares up as Steve is finally back.

Yes, that is the million dollar smiling moment now. Steve is officially well. All is well (inside Apple) when Steve is well. I rest my case and you can start (commenting i.e.)

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