Top 10 Cheap Web hosting Providers for WordPress Hosting 2010

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Currently WordPress is the most popular blogging software on internet. Even if offers free WP hosting service, it offers only limited features. To add more features and establish your blog’s presence at professional level you need to find a specialized WordPress web hosting provider. Hosting your own Wordpress site will allow the webmasters the ability to integrate search-friendly functions, custom designs and community features with ease. To develop your blog with WordPress, choose a web hosting that is reliable and specialized, yet doesn’t overflow your budget. The key is to choose a cheap WordPress web hosting with good services and faster uptime process. There are several web hosting providers that claim to offer cheap WordPress web hosting with upscale features. What is essential to consider while choosing a web hosting service is that WordPress is not an ordinary blog. WordPress sites requires a comprehensive content management system. The web hosting provider for your WordPress site must ensure that you could manage and develop the content into great website presence in an easy way. To make choices easier for you we selected a list of top 10 cheap web hosting providers for WordPress hosting 2010.

1. WPWebHost

This web hosting provider specializes in hosting WordPress blogs. They offer server optimized for Wordpress web hosting.  They ensure nightly backups and reliable WordPress related issue support. It comes with a 100 days money back guarantee offer.

Total Domains: Hosts 50 domain names
FTP Accounts:
WordPress Install: One click installation via cPanel
Storage: 50GBs of web space; 500GBs of monthly bandwidth
Uptime: 99.5% server; 99.9% network
Price: $3.50/month


2. HostMonster

They are widely appreciated for providing the best support in the industry. It offers a free domain name or transfer, instant setup, free site promotion and no long term contracts. They might also secure and reliable backups.

Total Domains: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
WordPress Install: One click installation via SimpleScripts
Storage: Unlimited hosting space; unlimited bandwidth
Uptime: 99.9% network guaranteed
Price: $5.95/month (regularly $6.95/month)


3. Bluehost

It includes free set up and free domain with no other hidden fees. WordPress recommends BlueHost for webhosting, why you could know more from our article     here.

Total Domains: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: 1,000 users
WordPress Install: One click installation via SimpleScripts
Storage: Unlimited hosting space; unlimited file transfer
Uptime: Server varies; 99.9% network
Price: $6.95/month


4. JustHost

It is a free domain for life with the JustPlan Premium. You might get the free instant setup plus. There are no hidden fees. It is anytime money back guarantee. You can register a new website or transfer your current websites. They provide their customers with most reliable web hosting service possible.

Total Domains: Unlimited for both plans
FTP Accounts: Unlimited for both plans
WordPress Install: One click installation via Fantastico
Storage: Unlimited disk space for both plans; unlimited bandwidth for both plans
Uptime: 99.9% guaranteed
Price: $6.95/month


5. FatCow

It comes with free instant setup, a free domain for life and no hidden fees. For those just getting started on the Web. They also offer a MiniMoo account to get you going until you are ready for the full FatCow account.

Total Domains: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
WordPress Install: Installation in a few clicks via Install Central
Storage: Unlimited disk space; unlimited bandwidth
Uptime: 99.977%
Price: Currently $3.67/month (regularly $7.33/month) or $66/year (regularly $88/year)


6. Webfusion

It is one of the many WordPress hosting companies that offers one-click installation.  The Fusion Starter package comes with everything needed to develop the web presence. Most of the hosting plans feature 24/7 support, mySQL databases, secure e-mail and a custom control panel.

Total Domains: free domain name
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
WordPress Install: One click installation
Storage: 1.5 GBs of disk space; 20GB monthly traffic
Uptime: 99.5% server; 99.9% network
Price: £3.95pm


7. GoDaddy

They are one of the best domain registrar. They offers dozens of add-on applications that can be installed in just one click along with the 24/7 FTP access, website statistics, Google webmaster tools and much more. They offer three different hosting plans to meet your needs.

Total Domains: Economy Plan: Just one; Deluxe and Unlimited Plans – unlimited
FTP Accounts: 50 users - same for all plans
WordPress Install: One click installation via GoDaddy Hosting Connection
Storage: Economy Plan – 10GB; Deluxe Plan – 150GB; Unlimited Plan – Unlimited
Uptime: 99.9% network
Price: Economy Plan ranges from $4.24/month to $4.99/month; Deluxe Plan ranges from $5.94/month – $6.99/month; Unlimited Plan ranges from $12.74/month to $14.99/month


8. LunarPages


With setup is free and a free domain name is included with your registration for the first year with the purchase of new 12, 24 or 60 month plan.

Total Domains: Unlimited domains; unlimited subdomains
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
WordPress Install: One click via Fantastico
Storage: Unlimited space; unlimited bandwidth
Uptime: 99.9% server and network
Price: $4.95/month (with the purchase of a 60-month plan)


9. DreamHost

It is optimized for WordPress blogs and provides full time technical support. As long as you purchase a hosting, your domain registration will be free. You will also get 2 week free trial. In case you cancel within those 2 weeks they won’t charge anything.

Total Domains: Unlimited domains; unlimited subdomains
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
WordPress Install: One click installation via the DreamHost Panel
Storage: Unlimited plus 50GB for backups; unlimited bandwidth
Uptime: 99.9% network uptime
Price: Monthly: $10.95/month; Annually – $9.95/month; Bi-Annually – $8.95/month; $49.95 set up fee if you pay monthly


10. GreenGeeks

They don’t offer WordPress web hosting explicitly, but they are known to offer one-click WordPress installation explicitly listed on their site. GreenGeeks are known to be the most green web hosting solution. GreenGeeks provides a cPanel and a free auto WordPress script installer.

Total Domains: Unlimited host domains on 1 account
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
WordPress Install:
one-click install
Storage: Unlimited
Uptime: 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
Price: $6.95 per month for 24 month


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I have used couple of the hosts from the list you provided namely justhost and godaddy and they are quite competitive and offers lots of features which are hard to find in other webhosts.

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I have been with most of the companies listed above. There is no garatee that nothing bad happens with the best of them.

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