Gnome Desktop

Top 5 Free Linux Distributions for Desktop Computing in 2010
According to Nick Carr, marketing director of Red Hat, Linux desktop has developed very rapidly over the past few years.

The gnome-session program starts up the desktop environment.

Windows control panel is something we are all familiar with in Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista & now Winfows 7.
Top 10 Features of Fedora 11 Leonidas
After reviewing the whole line-up of operating systems, namely Fedora 10, Windows 7, Ubuntu 8.10 and Open suse 11.1 last year, we started doing our bits of researches with Windows 8 and Ubuntu 9.10 overview recently.
5 Free and Open Source OS which You didn’t But Should Try Once
There are a list of other operating systems beyond the ones that rule the market.
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