Spam Watch

Spam Related Domain Registration is on Rise in Russia after China’s Security Clampdown
According to security provider M86 Security, many spammers based in China are opening new domain registration in Russia.
“Here you have” Virus Threatens Cyber-security!
On Thursday, a malicious worm infiltrated several high profile US companies and thousands of other local users.
How to Install and Configure DKIM On Postfix With dkim-milter (2.8.x) on 64 bit CentOS 5
The following document was written after countless hours of research and experimentation, in the hope that you will not have to waste as much time in setting up DKIM on Postfix as we had to.
Facebook and Twitter are Popular among Hackers and Thieves
IT security firm Sophos revealed Monday in its Security Threat 2010 that Facebook and Tweeter are not only for social networker, it is extensively used by cybercriminals.
Warning: Serious Scam Involving IRS (W8 BEN)
There is a serious scam involving IRS (Internal Revenue Service, USA) which can fool even the most web-savvy people.
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