Technorati Succumbs To Ringtone Spams

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who tags ringtone or ringtones? … sploggers, who else? Ringtone and ringtones are two of the most popular tags on technorati and displayed on its front page. It makes me wonder if anyone actually looks at what information is displayed on their front pages. I dug in further to look at the contents of one of the sites which tagged ringtone ( and here’s what I get:

Cingular free ringtone totally wallpaper
Some are productive, and cingular free ringtone totally wallpapers funny either.

Everybody is differentiateing relatively voip these cingular free ringtone totally wallpapers. It should add no sue, immediately, that grooveing verizon cingular free ringtone totally wallpapers green is an informal publication. Cingular free ringtone totally wallpaper - If you are having a monetary dining with care tricks and swift furnishings, you be a intention of payments. This of bay is coronary with illegal drummers, including eight. Cingular free ringtone totally wallpaper - This cingular free ringtone totally wallpaper, awhile extremely detected, smells a china for confident building in advantage.

These incoherent blabber continues for a long time, intended to fool search engines into thinking that it is a content rich site. The content is automatically generated by poorly written scripts and posted regularly. This is a A-grade splogger site and so are most other sites tagging ringtone as far as I could verify.

Technorati should actively monitor at least the top tags displayed on its front page to ensure:
1. It doesn’t inadvertantly advertise for the sploggers and send traffic to them
2. It doesn’t lead its visitors to scam sites

BTW: As an aside Google didn’t allocate any page rank to this site (yet).

BTW 2: Have you also noticed how slow Technorati has become these days, especially after implementing the AJAX auto-refresh on its front page.

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