Bill Gates

Facebook Founder Gives Away Half Of His Wealth To Charity
Mark Zuckerberg is known around the world as the youngest Billionaire in the world.
Google’s Chrome OS looks a lot like a familiar Linux: Bill Gates
As the cold war between the techno giants- Microsoft and Google continues the big shots are up with big comments.
Bill Gates’ Overpriced Tshirt in the Market, Who wants to Buy it Anyway?
Would you hang around with a chubby boy with specs on your apparel's chest? By jove the fellas would rip you off.
Time Machine Travel Through Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 - 25 Years Completed
Just more than two decades ago, a young man from Washington had some things to say at New York's Helmsley Palace Hotel.

Bill Gates claimed that Vista was "dramatically more secure" during an interview with BBC News.
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