Bill Gates’ Overpriced Tshirt in the Market, Who wants to Buy it Anyway?

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Would you hang around with a chubby boy with specs on your apparel’s chest? By jove the fellas would rip you off. Well! for a welcome surprise how about the Microsoft’s big shot (officially former) Bill Gates on frontage. There’s a new line of tees with Bill Gates Mug Shot Graphics. Not the regular one’s embellishing your bust, for this time it’ll be the richest mogul.

Basically its the hottest chicks on frontal that attracts to most kinds of the female spechie! And you have lost it, for being a Gates’ aficionados. Don’t upset your apple-cart, after all you have the most exclusive urban outfits. There’s more if you can realize the comfort, not glamor, of the soft cotton tees.¬† Get ready to spend $ 28, and boast about the youngest self-made billionaire with you. Who knows maybe you become one someday and if not, then just shove it off saying it is overpriced, which indeed it is.

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