Vietnam is the Haven for High-Tech Criminals
According to McAfee report, 58% domain that was hosted in Vietnam's vn domain is the breeding ground for Malware.
Twitter Worm Sends Users to Porn Site
A worm, designed by Magnus Holm, a Norwegian hacker created havoc at the social networking site because users are swamped by pop up messages and pornographic site.
Norton 2011 Gives Consumers Powerful Protection against Cybercrime
65 percent of consumers worldwide are falling to victim to cybercrime.
Is USA Loosing Data in Cyber War?
As per US defense official, US is loosing enough data to fill Library of Congress and authorities have failed to anticipate the threat before.
Five tips for IT Managers to Manage the Economic Downturn
Intelliden Inc., a networking solution provider has briefed 5 key strategies that can help both the network and technology manager to monitor the current economic downturn and strategize such a way that the company performs better during economic upturn.
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