Infectious Diseases

Summary Box: Fighting pandemics in digital age
WHAT'S NEW: IPhone apps, social networks, Wikipedia and flu-tracking sites allow people to share information, shape conversations and keep tabs on health threats like never before.
Fighting pandemics like swine flu in digital age
PHILADELPHIA - A tap on the HealthMap iPhone application brings up a cluster of red pins on a map, representing nearby cases of swine flu.
Bill Gates says innovation can leverage change
SEATTLE - The needs of the poor are greater than the money available to help them, but that's not enough to discourage Bill Gates in his work as co-chair of the world's largest charitable foundation.

DETROIT - A Detroit woman who claimed in a video posted online that she infected more than 500 people with HIV has admitted it was a hoax, police said Friday.

OSLO, Norway - Aker University Hospital is a dingy place to heal.
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