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NEW YORK - Apple is a pioneer in many fields, but in the race to connect our TV sets to the Internet, it's been lagging badly.

SAN FRANCISCO - Blockbuster video stores used to be the town square for home entertainment, bustling with people roaming the aisles in search of a movie that the whole family could enjoy in their living room for just a few bucks.
Summary Box: Apple unveils new streaming TV box
TV TRY: Apple Inc. has unveiled a smaller, cheaper Apple TV set-top box that can show rented movies and TV shows and stream content from Netflix and other online services.
At a glance: Apple unveils new iPods, Apple TV
Apple Inc. refreshed its iPod media player lineup and unveiled software updates Wednesday: - Apple TV.
Apple unveils new TV box for renting movies, shows
SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc. is refining its plans to annex the living room into its entertainment empire.
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