Political Ethics

Info freedom at center of Gulf's BlackBerry debate
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The militants who carried out the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India, used mobile phones and other handheld gadgets to coordinate an assault that left 166 dead.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The administrators of a new legal defense fund set up for Sarah Palin have sent out e-mails to supporters and others that downplay the outcome of ethics complaints against the former Alaska governor and accuse her political enemies of waging a "vicious campaign" to ruin her.
Google's China threat is a rare show of defiance
BEIJING - Google's threat to end its operations in China over censorship and computer-security concerns could embarrass communist leaders who crave international respect.

WASHINGTON - Stung by an embarrassing electronic leak last month revealing ethics investigations into dozens of lawmakers, Congress moved Tuesday to prohibit federal employees from using the same type of Internet file-sharing software blamed for the disclosure.

Analysis: Outrage over arrest of Harvard scholar a signpost on bumpy road to equality It took less than a day for the arrest of Henry Louis Gates to become racial lore.
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