Oracle Charges SAP $4 bn for the Latest Breach
There is still a lot of tension during the court trial in terms of damages that SAP has to pay to its competitor Oracle for using their proprietary industrial systems without their permission after acquiring TomorrowNow.
Oracle VS SAP Trial Begins Over TomorrowNow
SAP has decided at the last moment that it will not contest Oracle's claim about the copyright infringement by TomorrowNow, and the company further admitted that TomorrowNow did commit wrongdoing. The confession will lower the duration of the trial.
Sybase Acquired By SAP
GERMANY ( Germany-based SAP AG is acquiring California based Sybase, a smaller business software maker for a whopping $5.8-billion deal as it has been confirmed by the former company.
Top 10 ERP Software
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) has redefined the future of enterprises.
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