VoIP services

Top 5 VOIP Service Providers for US & Canada
VoIP services has introduced a new era of Internet telephony taking over the traditional telephony with low cost long distance calls, and free features such as caller id, call waiting, three-way calling and more.
VOIP Phones: NetTalk TK 6000 vs. MagicJack Review
For some years now MagicJack has grown as a widely popular VoIP phone used in United States and Canada.
How to make free calls to toll-free phone numbers across the globe from India
Toll-free numbers are what you often avail for customer service and telemarketing.
Top 10 VoIP services for Mobile Phones: Save money calling landlines and mobiles abroad
Are you looking for ways to minimize the cost of your mobile calls? With the emergence of newer means of communication, you have some cool options to cut down your mobile communication costs.
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