How To Break Into Any Password Protected Windows/Mac Computers
Do you really think that all your important files and documents are safe behind the haven of the password protected log on screen? Well think again.
Two Million PCs are Part of Botnet in USA
According to the recent research conducted by Microsoft, more than 2.2 million PCs in the last six months are part of Botnet ie the network of infected computers.
Soon You will Get “keyless keyboard” for your Mobile Computing
Israel's Snapkey, $4 million privately funded company, developed a technology, "Keyless Keyboard" that makes mobile computing easier by letting users type on invisible keys instead of a keyboard that usually takes much space on the screen.
New Adobe Zero-day Hole in Reader, Writer
Adobe reported on Wednesday about zero-day flaws in its PDF Reader/Writer which is exploited widely by the hackers.
The Users of Yahoo Messenger Targeted by New Worm
A worm is spreading via Yahoo Instant Messenger for the last few days that tricks people into downloading something what they think is a photo from a friend but in fact, it is a Malware. With tags like 'photo or 'photos' among with a smiley face icon, the malicious link shows a link which is similar to a photo viewing request from Facebook or MySpace.The malware sends out malicious links of the form https://[rogue_domain_name]/image.php to the entire contact list of any user logged into YM on the infected computer.
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