Top 6 Most Powerful Firefox Extension

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fire  One of the greatest strength of Firefox browser is to provide different functionalities to the end user. Most of the add-on help enhance the core feature of Firefox browser. But, there are extensions that itself are applications. Those extensions have capability to replace any desktop applications. The following is the list for 6 powerful Firefox extensions that can be immense benefits to the end users.

  • FireFTP: This is a free and cross platform client for Firefox browser that can access FTP servers easily. The application supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP. It can handle many accounts and remember corresponding logins, passwords, and connection settings for each account. It also supports authenticated TSL, authenticated SSL, and implicit SSL for secure transfers, drag and drop, and CHMOD changes.
    You can can either access FireFTP from Tools option or you can add a FireFTP icon to the toolbar by customization options. Using the program you can open the application in a new window or in a new tab.
  • Online Music Player:  Online Music Player is a music player and the icon is visible at status bar. You can manage your music to play  mp3 music from web as well as from your hard disk, to search and display lyrics automatically. You need to install Flash to run it. The Online Music Player is cross-platform extension and it works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • Simple Mail:  You can configure Simple Mail with your email account details and manage your mailbox from just another tab in Firefox. The software supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP  protocols. It can also show  HTML mails and separate spam mails by using a Bayesian filter. Additionally, you can set up as many accounts as you want.  You can also check messages, reply to them, gets notified, see any attached files and  send new messages from a rich text editor.
  • Yoono: This is an instant messenger that can connect with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AIM etc. You can share links, image, videos with your friends inside the network. Further, you will be able to see your friends’ updates when you are online. This tool combines social networks and instant messaging in the sidebar of your browser. Additionally, it provides you the recommendation for websites, products, videos based on the site you are browsing.
  • Animat: This is a Firefox extension. You can create animated image using ANPG format. The core feature includes rearranging image sequence, manipulation of image selection etc. You can also import different image formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG etc. and create your own animation. Animat comes with cool toolset to crop, resize, rotate or reframe your source images.
  • CustomizeGoogle: CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension and it allows you to modify the look of your Google search results in different ways, like adding links to other search engines and hiding advertisements. It can also mask your Google id and streaming search result. The filter is good to get rid of unwanted sites from your results.
July 20, 2010: 2:12 am

I’ve been using customizeGoogle extension and it really gives me a good time since i was a researcher. I can really customize my searches and makes my works easier and faster. thanks for sharing.

March 16, 2010: 2:07 pm

Great list of add-ons. Thanks for the recommendations.

March 3, 2010: 6:23 am

i konw that Firefox keeps your personal info personal and your online interests away from the bad guys.

March 3, 2010: 6:11 am

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