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By Partho, Gaea News Network
Saturday, July 18, 2009

norton-antivirusAfter having addressed most of performance issues in the 2009 edition, Symantec has released the beta test version of Norton AntiVirus 2010. Norton is known to offer proactive protection against viruses, Trojans and worms. The 2010 version of Norton Antivirus has been designed to provide superior performance, enhanced security and effective tools for maintaining performance level of your PC.

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May 26, 2010: 11:32 am

Over the years, Norton never failed us, users, to get utmost security for our PC. And probably the reason why, over the years, it remained as the best antivirus ever created.

Belel Abdi Nour
May 21, 2010: 9:03 pm

Thanks to Norton, I use your Internet security 2010 with 90 days subscription, It became the best security software I have ever used with my home PC and it was good for me if Norton offers me fully subscribed software download link for my future use for my PC security?


Arab Belel Abdi
May 21, 2010: 8:30 pm

I would feel so happy if you offer me free download link to download Norton anti virus and internet security 2010

April 17, 2010: 6:36 am

norton such agood

March 23, 2010: 2:43 am

i need 1year antivirus from notron

March 16, 2010: 10:10 am

i need free download

March 15, 2010: 10:18 am

good antivirus

March 14, 2010: 3:21 am

thanks norton

philip bob
February 14, 2010: 1:29 am

pretty please i need a norton internet security antivirus and its product key be kind


December 9, 2009: 3:38 am

Thanks for the cool link for downloading Norton 2010.

December 9, 2009: 3:35 am

very very super

November 9, 2009: 10:20 am

norton that’s what i like

September 18, 2009: 8:04 am

Hi, I’m using Macrovirus-oncall from couple of weeks now and I’m very pleased with it. For one thing it’s not as

heavy as Norton’s antivirus, but seems to do a good job. It updates regularly and they’ve just released a new 2008

version. Most important of all, it’s Free.



September 10, 2009: 3:40 am

do you have the Norton AntiVirus 2010 not the beta version

August 3, 2009: 7:58 pm

norton is d best antivirus id evr seen b4

July 26, 2009: 1:14 pm

norton antivirus is toooooo gooood

July 18, 2009: 3:05 pm

Thanks for the cool link for downloading Norton 2010.

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