intel2 Intel will launch  its new chipset, codenamed Sandy Bridge with built-in graphics at its Developer Forum conference in San Francisco next week. The latest move will enhance the rivalry further between Intel and AMD.  The innovation is going to remove the need for separate graphic chip in PC. Although Intel currently sell single units that can manage both graphics and processing, the new sets has two separate chips: a central processing unit (CPU) and the graphic processing unit (GPU). Rival AMD has its own single unit chip Zacate that has both GPU and CPU.
BANGALORE - Terming the move of the U.S. state of Ohio to forbid outsourcing of Information Technology (IT) projects by Government departments "regressive", Union Minister for Trade Anand Sharma said on Saturday that this would eventually slowdown the process of economic recovery for the world's largest democracy.
MELBOURNE - Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has responded to a jibe from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who poked fun at her claim that it was possible to see Russia from Alaska.
WASHINGTON - An e-mail virus that offers a free download of sex movies has launched a "phishing attack" on servers across the globe, including those at ABC, NASA, Comcast, and Google and possibly US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
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