New York ( - The 4chan website has allegedly taken revenge to put a stop to the offence aimed at them. 4chan recently discovered a fact that there were attacks on popular torrent tracker websites done by Aiplex Software by launching DDoS. One of the websites was The Pirate Bay which was targeted by Aiplex Software.
flightwise3 It is good to think at times that information is at your fingertips. On the other hand, if you think it in a negative fashion, it is truly scary. Google made the following announcement that it is going to provide the flight data in real time. The flight tracking layer provides information more than just looking at a plane on the globe. You can also click on any flight to get detailed info, and you can even download the entire flight path.
NEW YORK - A Labradoodle has left behind many famous personalities by racking up as many as 4,000 friends on Facebook tracking his every bark.
galaxy At the end of August, Samsung announced that they had sold over 1 million Galaxy S devices in the US. Further, the company predicted that it will hit 2 million mark by the end of the next week. Samsung has been able to achieve this because it released six Galaxy S Android phones for the top six U.S. carriers. AT & T and T Mobile are the first one that got Android based Galaxy with the AT & T Captivate and T-Mobile Vibrant.
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