A Review of PROJECTPLAN.com, Project Planning Software

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

project-plan-box-large Overview:

You will be able to create your project plans with this project planning software. Project scheduling and tracking becomes convenient with this Gnatt chart based project planner. This tool includes all the common features that you can find in Microsoft Project. The project manager will be able to understand critical dates, deadlines, milestones, and deliverables using this Project Management software.


  • Project Scheduling: It enables you to track Actual, Baseline and Planned view of the project. That means that you will be able to say whether the project is ahead or behind a schedule. You will also be able to schedule  project activities, tasks and resources. This project scheduling software makes sure that all of the tasks of a project are scheduled properly. This tool also schedule people, equipment and material for the project and update it as the project moves ahead.
  • Project planning: Project planning is considered to be an important milestone because this is where you list all of  the tasks for the projects. You can create a hierarchy of tasks over here and group related tasks together. Then you can link the tasks to show the dependencies. The next step is to assign resources to the tasks. Using this software you will be able to list all the tasks for the projects and link the related tasks as per their dependencies. You will also be able to assign resources to the tasks, set milestone and track the progress on daily basis.
  • Task Scheduling: Task management software helps create new task, schedule them and link them together by dragging to show the dependencies. You will also be able to assign resources to each task according to the date and email the task list within your group. Additionally, you can prioritize your tasks. Using this software, you will be able to see the detailed task lists into one page.
  • Project Tracking: This tool helps tracking the status of the project on day to day basis. This tool automates Actual vs Planned progress of the project. You can plan for your project beforehand and then enter the actual progress in the Task information area. In a nutshell, using this tool you will be able to see a> the actual progress of the project b> the effort required and 3> the percent of the task completed.
  • Gantt Chart: This chart gives you the ability to see whether you are ahead or behind a project schedule. Using this chart, you will be able to create, schedule tasks and assign resources to it. This software enables you to monitor the task and view actual and planned progress of the project.
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