Top 5 Issues to Implement Project Management

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 23, 2010

project There may be different types of project management concerns. Some of the concerns may not have to do anything with project management. There are also some specific project management issues that takes higher priority. This article lists top 5 project management concerns which are very commonplace to implement any software project.

  • Product Quality: The ultimate goal of project management is to satisfy customer need and deliver the product. Sometimes it may be difficult to deliver quality product in time. So, it is a good idea to have a quality plan in place since the beginning of the project. In order to implement that the project management team needs to ask several questions.
    The questions may be a> what are the quality standards of the product. b> Who is going to decide that ultimate quality standard is met. 3> If the standard is not met, how to correct it etc.
  • Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment in a project is the most difficult phase to carry out. It is a part of Risk Management process. This is the determination of qualitative and quantitative value of the risk in relation with a concrete situation.
    You can achieve this by making a risk assessment plan before and during the execution of the project. Risk should be analyzed and measurable. Risk assessment is done to handle any constraints during the execution of the project cycle for the final delivery.
  • Cost Estimation: The ability to estimate accurately the time and cost taken for a project to its successful completion is a serious problem for software engineers.  The popular cost estimation software are Function Point analysis, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), Parametric Estimating etc.
    In order to conduct a successful cost estimation, you have to consider the project as a whole. You should consider the following parameters  for the project a> Hardware b> Software c> Manpower d> Infrastructures e> Contractors etc. You have to keep track continuously whether any area exceeds the budget.
  • Staffing: Many software projects fail because of  attrition of the staff, insufficient staff for the project and lack of money to hire or train new personnel. You need to know how to balance the resources during the project cycle and avoid any kind of resource conflict. You have to see whether any resource is over-used or under-used between projects. Project managers should prioritize the resource according to the urgency of the tasks.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Satisfying the customers is an essential thing to stay in business in this modern world of global competition.Customer feedback during the post delivery of the product and customer communication during the execution of project cycle is very crucial for the successful completion of the software project. You need a dedicated group of project members who can get in touch with the customer on regular basis, set up client meeting and have their input about the progress of the project.

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