Best of The Fortnight Ending 20th November 2005

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We bring to you the best of the articles across Taragana Blog Network for the fortnight ending 20th November 2005. It was tougher than we thought as we had a hard-time creating a small list. Next time we will go for weekly schedule. This is our first attempt to highlight some of the posts which we think would be interesting to you and summarizes the important happenings across our blogs. Hope you like it.

Consanesco - Blogging for Health

Reports complete mapping of over 37K rice genomes.

Did you know that sweets can lower your physical and psychological stress?

Read about Andrew Stimpson’s spontaneous cure from AIDS.

Meditation has been found to increase cortical thickness which translates to more brainpower.

The Eye Care Blog

Epi-LASIK is a surface treatment procedure that provides options for patients who were previously not good candidates for LASIK surgery.

Read how stem cell operation restored Edward Bailey’s vision.

A LASIK surgeon loses his license permanently for allegedly performing unnecessary surgery over several years.

The Stem Cell Blog

Stem cell reverses malignant melanoma in lab.

Not only Cord blood cells provides more time to treat stroke patients, it also improves heart function after stroke. More good news for heart patients this week as FDA approves stem cell trial for chronic ischemia.

Entirely Pet

Find out how to distinguish sex of lovebirds.

It is mixed news on bird flu front as adverse reactions to Tamiflu, the only bird flu medicine, was reported. China gears up to test its homemade vaccine. Can your dog get infected (by bird flu) too?

Simple Thoughts

Reports Sony DRM Rootkit violating several open source licenses, lists Christmas wish from Google AdSense, provides tips on Google Analytics and simplifies SimpleXML for PHP developers.

Find out how to search for non-copy protected cd’s on Amazon.

Phil Law Blog

Apple representatives confirmed that the settlement to a class-action lawsuit brought by customers over claims that the company misrepresented the capabilities of the iPod’s rechargeable battery was being appealed, though the company said it had not filed the appeal, whereas, Independence Regional Health Center compensated $2:5 million for malpractice

New Wisconsin Bill to cap medical malpractice insurance is doomed to failure.

Forrester predicts legal outsourcing boom for India

The Angsuman Chakraborty Blog

Villard Publishing is paying $80,000 advance to Pastafarian author to write Pastafarian Bible. It’s all noodly.

Computer Jobs Blog,

If you are looking for startups there are several exciting opportunities like Sr. Linux/Unix Software Engineer or
Sr. Java Web Engineer or Sr. Test Engineer.

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