Open Source

Open Source Quality Management Platform: Sonar Review
Sonar has been a very popular quality management platform for quite some time now.
Oracle and Apple Make OpenJDK Project Available for Mac OSX
REDWOOD SHORES, CALIFORNIA ( -- The long discussion that went on for some time between Oracle and Apple is now going to take a shape.
How to monitor NFS, Lustre File System Performance using Collectl
What makes Collectl, a performance monitor for benchmarking, monitoring a system's general heath different from other monitoring tools is that unlike most tools that focus on a small set of statistics and runs either in an iterative manner or a daemon it tries to do it all.
Finally A Software That Lets You Test Google’s OS on your Windows Laptop
Splashstop an instant on web focused OS with Chromium which was available as a bundled product with laptops is now available as a free download.
7 Best Firefox Addons for 2010
Mozilla as an open source alternative to the big guns of Microsoft and Apple has grown leaps and bounds.
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