Bloom Box Energy Details

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

San Francisco ( - The Bloom Box is a new kind of fuel cell by a former NASA Scientist K. R. Sridhar that is supposed to produce electricity by combining oxygen in the air with any other fuel sources like natural gas, bio gas or any other sources. They are claiming that the chemical reaction to produce the energy is clean and very efficient and it is nothing like burning or combustion. Two boxes of the size of a brick can produce about 1 Kilowatts of power that is used by a typical American House or a small European home. In the developing countries, two or three homes can share one Bloom Box.

K.R. Sridhar, presently the CEO of startup Sunnyvale at California, has claimed that it can be used as a clean energy generator going off the grid. There are several Bloom Boxes already in use at corporate organizations such as Google, eBay and Wal Mart. Within 5 to 10 years they are expecting to produce Bloom Boxes for common houses around the world.
The Bloom Box looks like a brick sized stack of thin ceramic plates coated with Green and Black Ink developed by Sridhar.

The price of the Bloom Box is now the real barrier to be accepted and affordable as a by everyone. The business sized units can cost hefty $700,000 to $800,000 but Sridhar is expecting that he can cut down the prices of a Bloom Box for home use to a $3,000 mark. But even at that price, many are expressing doubts whether it would be acceptable to common people or not. What do you think? Share with us in the comments section.


March 10, 2010: 3:02 pm

If the inventor gets a home version down to 3 or 4 Thousand dollars, I want to go to work for him.

Allen Greulich
February 25, 2010: 3:33 pm

There must be an error in the article. 1 kilowatt will only light 10, 100 watt bulbs, hardly a whole home. That would probably require about 13 KW.

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