Launch of Bloom box fuel cell: Bloom Energy press conference details

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bloom Energy fuel cell
company unfurled the blueprint of their Bloom Box mass production today. Details of new technology was made public in Bloom Energy press conference at eBay campus in Silicon Valley. Bloom Box Launch was attended by Colin Powell, Secretary of State and Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California. Bloom energy is aimed at generating a clean reliable energy to be made available at an affordable price. The green energy source Bloom Box claims to be 60% cleaner as compared to a Bloom Box power plant. In addition, it will have the specialty to produce power on demand and on site.

Bloom Energy fuel cell can produce electricity by taking any of those fuel cells. It would produce electricity without any chemical plants that are complex and need to process the fuel. It is wireless and it will enable a user to make his own electricity.

Bloom Box is said to be a revolutionizing concept as an alternate energy solution for future. In contrary to the notion, the fuel experts said Bloom Box technology is not revolutionary. They claim it not the cheapest fuel cell system. According to fuel cell expert from Colorado School of Mines, Nigel Sammes there is nothing new in Bloom Box and you can find out the same stuff on some websites.

It remains to see whether Bloom Energy serves as the alternative energy solution for future. You can find out more details on bloom energy here.

August 30, 2010: 3:19 pm

This is one of the best technoledies to be brought on stream in many years. The possibilities of this product is endless and should be an alternative to an ever increasing demand for power and its affordable.

Chris Piper
March 9, 2010: 3:38 pm

I live in the fastest developing area of Australia.
The “prototyping” of K. R. Sridhar’s Bloom Boxes could therefore be most beneficial all-round in the next few years if they produce electricity as it is claimed.
I have already found a “Green Energy Company” here willing and ready to go with distribution and tests in the South East of the State of Queensland here in Australia, and prepared for Bloom Box import, supply and testing for one rapidly developing town here, and a brand-new, purpose-built town to be built close by from scratch to accommodate the rapid rise in population over the next few years.
In other words, the situation appears ideal for the introduction, testing, “prototyping” and marketing of Bloom Boxes!
Please let me know ASAP who I can further contact about this so that we can get going on the more than urgent task of producing electricity for the masses without atmospheric pollution!
I am due to meet authorities of the main town of phenomenal growth in a few days time, and it will be perhaps literally eventually the start of World-saving News if I can tell those Powers That Be of at least K. R. Sridhar’s, or his representative’s, initial assent to this, my suggestion.

P.S. If I have inadvertently posted this in an inappropriate comment or inquiry box, please can you see that it reaches the appropriate person(s) ASAP as I think, from reading it, you can see how important and post-haste this message is!
Many thanks!

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