Computer Virus Symptoms to Worry About

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have you received an email - “My e-mail was hacked!!! I’m so sorry!” How does the email viruses spread and how do you react when you ensnare. Viruses can get your computer from any corner of the world. All the systems connected to a network are highly vulnerable to infection of all the interconnected machines. Once the virus hooks up to your computer, it scans word documents, spreadsheet and address books on the prowl for other active email addresses to target. The initial attack just affects the set-up and the access maintenance. It just wants the computer to be turned on the computer and the infected bot just waits for instructions. This computer turns into a zombie machine on which the hackers can carry out nefarious bidding.

Delivery notices from the post office, messages from out-of-touch friends and headlines from seasonal sporting events.

Some of the commonly known symptoms of computer virus infection are

  • Computer hit by virus runs slowly.  The symptoms include slow start up and shut down, applications take time in opening, slow internet browsing speed and overall frustration from productivity loss.
  • The applications run slowly and might malfunction. Applications might close down without notice. This in turn hampers the speed and performance of the computer.
  • Experiencing problems while connecting or browsing the Internet for accessing email, websites and other services. This hampers the speed of the computers.
  • There might be frequent error messages such as “Unable to Read Hardware”, “Cannot Launch Application”, etc. The system alert pop-ups might also indicate virus.
  • A virus infected computer might experience frequent crashes and restarts in mid session resulting in loss of data and productivity
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