Computer will Read Human Mind to Search the Net Soon

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, August 22, 2010

human Can you imagine searching the net at the speed of your thought? The imagination will soon be translated into reality. According to The Daily Telegraph, scientists are developing computer that will be able to read human mind. A group of engineers from Intel corporation is working with the new technology which will directly interpret words the way it was thought and the new concept is unlike current brain controlled computer which requires users to imagine with the help of physical movements to control a cursor on a screen.

The scientists are creating detailed maps of the activity in the brain for individual words which can then be matched against the brain activity of someone using the computer that allows the machine to determine the word they are thinking. Preliminary tests of the system showed that the computer can recognize words by looking at similar brain patterns and looking for key differences that indicates what the word might be. Dean Pomerleau, of Intel Laboratories, said that they are currently mapping out the activity an average brain produces when thinking about different words. Once the new idea is implemented, you will be able to write email, do Google search etc.

Dean continued, “The computer uses a form of 20 questions to narrow down what the word is. So a food related word like apple produces activity in those parts of the brain related to hunger. So the computer can infer attributes to each word being thought about and this lets the computer zero down on what the word is pretty quickly.”

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