Windows 7 + Intel to give laptops 50% increase in battery life!

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wintel-vpro-windows-7-managed-servicesWindows 7+Intel= “Wintel” — Well, the mathematical operation in question is not that boring because it holds great benefit for all you laptop users. The innovation from the partnership promises to sort out the most significant annoyance of our notebooks - the battery life. As PCMAG reports,

In a demonstration of two identically configured ThinkPads T400s, Intel and Microsoft claimed that a Windows XP SP2 machine consumed on average 20.2 watts, while the Windows 7 machine consumed 15.4 watts. That translated to about 1.4 hours of additional battery life,

It is darn impressive I know. But isn’t this a fascinating revelation that tweaking an OS can gift you such power efficiency? Actually, Windows 7 team and Intel both are separately investigating on the power consumption related to hardware, CPU usage, resource hungry processes, BUS speed etc. They are taking notes together and comparing them and thereby working on them from firmware as well as software level to improve.
windows 7 intel battery usage improvement

Windows 7 is also using a technology named as  timer coalescing, a technical term for minimizing the time in which the processor enters a high-performance, full-power state. That is another contributing factor behind this success.

Intel has made a dedicated chip for this called Westmere that is running in compatibility with Windows 7. It has hardware acceleration technique too that is significantly improving the encryption algorithm runtimes namely AES.

All in all, what is the bottom line for everybody who wants to get the gist out of this greek. It is heartening and obviously awe-inspiring to know that Intel and Windows 7 are coming with a joint venture that will help batteries run that much longer. You will have to wait for a few days before this dedicated Wintel machines come up.  So, if you are thinking about a hardware upgradation in your lappy or buying a new one, wait till end of October. All the stars are falling on that fall.

[Source: PCMag]

September 2, 2009: 1:09 am

that’s really fascinating. An operating system that actually increases battery life (on intel, at least) and it’s not a little increase. It’s 50%. That’s pretty impressive.

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