How to Change Firefox Default Email Client to Gmail, Yahoo AOL or Zoho

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 6, 2009

Like a leopard cannot change its spots, most people do not prefer to change their email client. When you get used to the likes of Gmail or Yahoo, things come naturally. I have seen those die hard Evolution fans (for Linux users) and those not ready to give up Thunderbird at any cost. If possible they’d never fancy with any other email client. Then there are those in love with the latest kid on the block Zoho mail. Then why should you be forced to use the default email client specified by the operating system. Don’t give up easily when there are hacks to get your favorite email client on Firefox.

For Gmail & Yahoo Mail Fans

So Gmail and Yahoo are your favorites. To get them as you default email client go with the following steps

Step 1

Open your firefox. Go to Edit and click on the preferences. Next click on the applications.

(If you are a Windows user look for the Tools and click on the Options)

Step 2

Get to the content type ‘mailto’

Step 3

Select the Gmail or Yahoo from the drop down

(In Ubuntu you have a drop down that shows Evolution by default)

For AOL/AIM Mail Fans

To get the AOL/AIM mail as email client you can do what’s below

Step 1

Login to AOL/AIM mail

Step 2

Go to Setting and then to compose

Step 3

Look to the bottom of the page for Firefox 3 Add-on. Click on the given link to add the AIM application to the mailto menu in Firefox applications.

Step 4

For the rest follow the steps mentioned in Gmail and Yahoo.

So now you can see AOL mail as an option.

For Zoho Mail fans

If this new kid is your favorite patron there here’s what you need to do

Step 1

Open a tab in Firefox and Login to Zoho Mail.

Step 2

Copy and Paste the URL below in the browser address bar

javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","","Zoho Mail")

Step 3

Proceed with the instructions for Gmail and Yahoo.

There you get the Zoho mail option now.

Once you are done, enjoy mailing with your favorite email client.



Daryl Johnson
July 26, 2010: 1:45 pm

I’ve changed from earthlink dial up to gmail satellite. When I attempt to email a word document, the old earthlink account appears in the “From” section, even though I’ve gone to My Account - Mail and changed everything….HELP!

December 2, 2009: 3:43 pm

Well this whole page was a waste of bandwidth…

osi ris
September 26, 2009: 5:16 pm

How to Change Firefox Default Email Client to Gmail, Yahoo AOL or………

Fabulous article and a big help to me. You saved the day! One small thing to make it clearer for Windows users: In Step 2, Get to the content type ‘mailto’ could be phrased: Go to tools, Options, then click on
APPLICATIONS content type mailto. Thanks again.

May 22, 2009: 6:04 pm

I have a corporate gmail email account - anyway to firect firefox to the corporate url instead of the non-corporate gmail?

February 16, 2009: 11:41 am

Thanks a lot!! You have solved my problem at once and the explanations where very clear. I would like to find things like this in the support seccion of many pages.

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