Do You Think Facebook Can Defeat Google to Win the Net
When you log into Facebook, you can convince the world to identify you online.
Yahoo Layoff Rumors Surface
SANTA CLARA ( Internet mail and search service provider Yahoo is going to layoff at least 10 percent of its workforce, suggests the latest buzz in the industry.
Facebook Likely to Go for IPO by the Late 2012
In order to satisfy the hunger of the investors to invest at one of the Internet's biggest growth firm, there is a high degree of chances that Facebook, the biggest social networking site, may go on public by the late 2012.
Yahoo’s Three Year Plan: 1 Bilion Users and $10 Billion Revenue
Yahoo product chief Blake Irving demonstrated the audience a collection of new products today.
Twitter is Overhauled with New Architecture
Microblogging site, Twitter Inc. that gets 370,000 new users daily on average, is revamping the site so that millions of users can navigate the site and get the information more easily.
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