Infinity Ward Dismisses Bad Company Threat

By Arnab, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward has expressed his confidence that no game can hamper the position of the game COD: Modern Warfare 2 and he is not worried about any War FPS. Touted as the most promising game of the year for the console players, Modern Warfare 2 has already become a hot topic of discussion among the hardcore console gamers. However, some industry experts are saying that it may face stiff competition from the Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is a product of Activision. Robert Bowling also rubbished the view that Modern Warfare 2 can get competition from rivals like Splinter Cell Conviction and the new version of Medal Of Honor, both of which are widely anticipated by the players.

Infinity Ward is betting heavily on the success of Modern warfare 2. The much touted Stimulus Map Pack DLC for the game has been released today and the company thinks that it will be able to retain the gamers of the FPS genre. It is a huge add- on pack and comprises of 5 maps which promises engaging game play. The game has garnered enough publicity since its release and the unveiling of the stimulus pack is sure to bolster its reputation among the gamers.

Infinity Ward has paid a lot of attention in designing the weaponry and visuals of the game and they claim it to have lifelike simulation effects. However, some people are claiming the cost of the stimulus pack is way too steep. The update for the PS3 owners will be available a month later as the company has said.

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