INGAP closer to cure diabetes

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 18, 2005

LOS ANGELES — Researchers might be getting closer to finding a cure for diabetes.

Researchers announced a new treatment and medicine, and the discovery of a gene that might play a role.

The study, presented by researchers from the Institute for Medical Research of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospitals said a gene might increase levels of a protein that is harmful to the pancreas. The damage might prevent the body from making insulin, leading to Type 1 diabetes.

Source: NBC4.TV

I had personally met Dr. Aron Vinik ( the brain behind INGAP), the lead scientist of INGAP peptide several years back in Desert Diabetes Conference at Palm Beach. Even at that time he explained the extremely promising nature of his approach and that he is being hindered by lack of money. Later on Eli Lily licensed it to effectively throttle the research for several years. You can still find some of my old posts on the Internet on this topic.
Anyway few years back they were again back on track. One diabetic I know was on the first or second human trial. He wasn’t having much positive result. It was later inferred that he might have been in the control group. I haven’t been keeping in touch with INGAP lately. Looks like good results are starting to come in from the trial.

I will keep my ears peeled and let you know too.

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October 17, 2007: 4:13 pm

Hello, Dr. I have a 6 years old girl ,who is diabetic . She is in the first stages of this illness.We give her insulin 4 times a day. Is there anything new to cure this illness completely.I am very worried about her because the rates of her blood sugar are not stable.we always search for anything that can help her

March 30, 2006: 9:25 pm

[...] There was lots of excitement and hope over Phase 2 trial of INGAP. At one time the positive results were coming in even though one of the participants, I personally know, complained of not benefitting from the trial. We thought he could be part of control group. The final result of Phase 2 trial is now on GMP website and it ain’t looking good. [...]

Mary McDonald
March 30, 2006: 3:12 pm

Hello. I would like to know what happened to the Ingap Peptide Phase III clinical trials? Are they still going on? What is the update on Ingap peptide? I really would appreciate any information on this.

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