Review of Campaigner E-mail Marketing Software

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, October 11, 2009


If you are looking for the top of the line e-mail marketing software, you can consider Campaigner e-mail marketing service. The software offers 450 email templates and 1MB of image hosting space. You can promote your organization and service with th the help of this software. But, critics complain that it has drawbacks like reporting and uploading contacts which is time consuming. You can use 30 days, 100 contacts and 500 emails for free trial. The next stage is 500 contacts for which they charge $10.


  • Email creation:  You can pick up your plan from different email marketing solution packages. They offer 450 templates in 20 categories. You can use use the HTML editor for your custom HTML code.There is also another type of templates that is used as an auto-responder for the new signups. The user will get 1 mb of space for uploading images to hisemail service. However, they charge you a fee if you would like to remove Campaigner Logo from your email.
  • Managing your contacts: You can import your existing contacts from CSV and TXT files. The system handles smartly any unsubscribe or bounced email. It sorts them in a list  so that you are unable to mail them next time.  You can create your Welcome page for the new signups. The web based signup form is easy to use, edit and customize.
  • Delivery of email:  When you send any email out, it is scheduled to deliver after 20 mins. The delivery is not guaranteed and it does provide any spam control.  They expect you to go by CAN-SPAM law. All of the templates are tested with the popular email applications so that your email campaign shows up the way you want.
  • Reports: The report is used for Contact list statistics, recently sent campaigns, scheduled and currently sending campaigns, emails sent this month,  spam complaints, subscribes, unsubscribes etc. You can also export your reports. But the report is sent by zip format. Campaigner does not offer the integration with Google analytics.
  • Customer Support: You can reach the support via email, live chat or phone call.  Although, Campaigner does not provide any FAQ at their web site, they do have Educational and Training program.
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