Taragana Corporate Site Re-Design Doubles Site Traffic

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Site Re-Design StatisticsHow effective is a site re-design? The final proof is in site traffic. When we started re-designing Taragana.com we had many apprehensions. One thing we knew for sure, the corporate site we had then sucked in three major ways:

1. The site content was not in any way reflective of all the cool things we are doing. It content was outdated by 6-7 years and didn’t fit our direction anymore.

2. The design was old and “very 2000″. More specifically the design wasn’t suitable for our marketing direction moving forward.

3. We were using a CMS (Joomla) which was hard to customize to our unique needs. Joomla / Mambo is a good CMS for traditional content sites. However when your needs are more, you need an easy way to customize your CMS extensively, Joomla makes it rather difficult. Joomla was not suitable for us moving forward. We needed an alternative. After extensive evaluation I settled for MODx.

We needed a change or more accurately a complete overhaul. We started from scratch with a new CMS and new content for the new site.

Creating a new design with mostly new content is hard work, in design, in customizations with code and finally in content. We needed to get out lots of content to our users. After about two months of hard work by all it was finally complete, sort of. At least we were ready to release it but continue to incrementally add changes to it.

The biggest worry in site re-design is how well your viewers will accept it, after all they are the reason for all the effort. I am happy to see that the site re-design resulted in more than 100% increase in site traffic and it has continued, indicating that re-design was the direct cause for the increase.

Have you seen our latest corporate site? Please take a look and let me know what you think.

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