Today, we were sent a parcel from Seagate with their new Seagate Momentus 5400.6 500 GB hard drive for reviewing purpose. After unpacking the hard drive, it was evident that the product was very lightweight and compact. Seagate says, the best part of the hard drive is the areal density of 394 Gbytes per square inch – the highest ever for a notebook hard drive – with a data transfer rate of 87 Megabytes/second, the fastest available for a 5400-rpm notebook drive (as claimed). Also it is shock proof (G-Force protection) and has a 8mb cache to help it become faster. Anyway, let us see how did it look and faired in our tests.
logicool-lw-3000-keyboardThere is a key for every lock. and to unlock the secrets of computers and to literally make it talk and walk the way you want, you need a keyboard. Any keyboard won't do. These days there are so many of them of different sizes and experiments that some of them are just a pain to your fast moving fingers. Again, some are too sophisticated to last long. What you need is something that gives you the best of the both worlds. And some more uniqueness bundled with modern technology won't be that bad. So we have considered all the points and here are top 10 keyboards for you from gadgetophilia.
toy-gadget-Toys are the ultimate way to keep your children entertained. They will not let go of them no matter what. So gadgetophila decided that amongst all the seriousness, there should be a fun part for kids too. The whizkids of tomorrow should have fun with the gadgetastic toys right from now. But how do you find a suitable one that meets the both ends - funny and childish and yet a gadget that is compatible for toddlers? Here is the list. Choose from the top 10 toy gadgets and have fun.
au_w31sWho doesn't love music? And if it comes well equipped with something as useful and essential as cell phones, then its really a treat. In this world, where we are keeping things precise, a mobile phone and a music player into one is a real bliss. While there are lots of them in the market, you need to choose the model that actually sounds like a music and not a broken record. Let gadgetophilia do that for you as they have come out with top 10 music phones of 2009. Enjoy.
sony_playstation_3Play Station 3 games need no special mentioning. Every avid gamer loves and understands Sony PS3 like a football fan knows about Man U. But there are hundreds of games which you can play in Sony PS3. Why don't you let us do the work and sit back so that we bring you the top 10 Sony PS3 games for you. Here is a list.
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