35 Top Gadgets to Seal the Deal for You in 2009

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every year sees hundreds and thousands of new gadgets being launched. Some become successful, some bite the dust. Some remain for ages and some for just. It rhymes, lol. But anyway, 2009 will not be an exception either. So which gadgets to look for this year? Which gagdets have the maximum potential to help you with or who are the ones who have the most remarkable design? To answer all your queries, we have brought a package for you. We have chosen 1. 2. 35 gadgets which will mark this year. While some are the hottest of their categories, the others have plain and simple but effective charm to lure you. There are some who will be playing with concepts never before and some who will just attract you with their noble venture to be as environment friendly as possible. It was not easy for us to collect all the information and make a list of hottest new gadgets, must buy gadgets, best concept gadgets and best green gadgets. But we did it, for you. So enjoy the new year with this biiiig list. Happy new year and all the best to all ya gadgetophilics.

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