GENEVA - The European Union signaled Tuesday that it was prepared to scrap tariffs on billions dollars (euros) worth of high-tech exports from the United States, Japan and Taiwan, which were ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization last month.

BRUSSELS - The European Union opened two antitrust investigations against IBM Corp.
EU OK with Google-Dutch Library deal
BRUSSELS - The European Commission said Thursday it does not object to Google digitizing 160,000 books in the archives of the National Library of the Netherlands if they will be made publicly available.
EU looking carefully at Google allegations
BRUSSELS - The European Union's antitrust chief said Wednesday he is looking "very carefully" at allegations that Google Inc.
US firm files antitrust complaint against SAP
BRUSSELS - A U.S. software company has asked European Union regulators to stop Germany's SAP from tactics that it says illegally exclude it from a lucrative market for programs that help companies price their products.
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