Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing Has Created Many Jobs in US
India will try to convince Obama during his visit that outsourcing , in fact, has a positive effect on US economy because it created many jobs in US as opposed to popular belief.
US Unemployment is still on the Rise
The continuous rise of unemployment in USA remains unabated.

CAIRO - Egypt hopes to see a tenfold increase in exports from its growing outsourcing industry by 2020 and will boost its focus on information technology entrepreneurship and co-ownership of intellectual property, the country's information technology minister said Wednesday.
China May Surpass India in Outsourcing
According to the independent technology analyst, Ovum, India's share in the outsourcing market is declining and China is providing significant competition in this arena.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A House-Senate committee voted Tuesday to seek an audit of the state Office of Technology after hearing from state workers who believe their jobs are destined for privatization.
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