17 Year Old Girl was Awarded $33,000 after Suing Her School for Searching Her Cell Phone
A schoolgirl at Northeast Pennsylvania who was initially suspended for keeping obscene pic in her cell phone, sued her school authorities for invading her privacy and has won $33000 in the landmark lawsuit.
A week without Facebook? Pa. college tries it out
HARRISBURG, Pa. - A tiny university in central Pennsylvania is making waves with a bold experiment: blacking out social media for a week.
Hot chocolate: Hershey in dispute over iPhone app
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Hershey wants a judge to let it keep on making virtual chocolate milk.

PHILADELPHIA - Judges have the right to require warrants before police get cell phone records that could suggest a customer's likely location, a U.S.
Inspectors confiscate Philadelphia cupcake truck
PHILADELPHIA - A street vendor is feeling sour after Philadelphia officials confiscated her truck full of yellow, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes because she was parked in a prohibited area.
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