Call Of Duty: Black Ops Updates Released
SAN FRANCISCO ( The fans of the popular Call of Duty franchisee who had been waiting eagerly for the release of the latest game in the lineup named Black Ops were sorely disappointed when they saw the game was released with some glitches.
God of War 3 Walkthrough Exclusive For PS3
God of War 3 made an grand debut for PlayStation 3 on March 16, 2010 in Hollywood.
Bug plagues PlayStation 3, Sony warns of data loss
NEW YORK - Sony Corp. said a glitch has knocked PlayStation 3 users off the game console's online network, and the company warned that data loss could occur if gamers continued using the machines.
PlayStation 3 Network plagued by Y2K-like bug
NEW YORK - Sony says it has found a bug that has knocked some PlayStation 3 users off the game console's online network.
Apple tablet could stir up video game business
NEW YORK - When Apple introduced the iPhone, it shook up the cell phone business but it also changed the way people play video games.
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