Top 10 Useful Safari Plugins For MAC Users
When it comes to web browser, people always go for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc.
Microsoft to Launch Internet Explorer Beta Version on Sept 15
According to the recent blog post, Microsoft is going to launch IE beta version on Sept 15 at an event in San Francisco.
Apple Revealed HTML/Web Standard
Apple Store faced increasing criticism before for not being more open, Apple recently announced that there is a portion of its devices that is totally open:the Web. If developers do not like some of the restrictions of Apple store, they can build their new Web Apps.
Why IE Lost 20 p.c of its Market Share?
According to the data and reports generated by StatCounter, NetApplications, and several other sources, the market share of the most famous browser IE is continuously on the decline.
Microsoft to offer Browser Choice to Europeans From Mar 1
As part of the recent deal between Microsoft and European Commission, the software giant will ask the European people what browser they are willing to install.
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