Why HTML 5 has Positive Effect on Mac Users?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, February 28, 2010

html5-serializations  The video hosting site YouTube and Vimeo recently announced that they with support HTML 5  compatible Video and it has huge positive effect on Mac users. If HTML 5 draws the attraction, then chances are high that we can see the end of Flash online soon. However, you should know that now, HTML 5 is only available with the compatible browsers like Safari and Chrome and embedded videos from YouTube for other sites still uses Flash.

Most of the Mac users are already aware of the fact that Flash takes huge computational resources. Users view that there are so many problems for using Adobe media software, it creates more trouble to the users than it is worth. Since YouTube and Vimeo are already offering HTML 5 compatible videos, people will be able to browse without Flash. Although, the new technology is still under development and the beta program has certain limitations. You will come across with no advertising, no full screen options, no closed captioning and no body of notes.

Since, major video sharing sites are moving from Flash to HTML5, it has great effect on iPhone or iPod and in the long run, iPhone has to gain much because it does not support Flash.

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