Why IE Lost 20 p.c of its Market Share?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, May 27, 2010

ie1 According to the data and reports generated by StatCounter, NetApplications, and several other sources, the market share of the most famous browser IE is continuously on the decline. Reports also suggest that IE lost almost 20% market share in India in the past two years. The reports continued that IE has also lost a big chunk of market share worldwide too. On the contrary, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari picked up market worldwide as well as in India.

The popularity of Microsoft is getting worse month after month. The major reasons for the decline could be that IE is vulnerable to security lapses and Microsoft didn’t roll out upgrade on regular basis. According to Microsoft,¬† IE6, IE7, and IE8 on Windows XP as well as IE7 and IE8 were affected by a security flaw on Vista and Windows 7 if the protected mode has been disabled. Using the flaw, a hacker can access to any file on the system by forcing IE to provide data incorrectly from local files, exposing it to outside parties.

Additionally, other browsers have upgraded features on regular basis and incorporated add-on to make it more user friendly. On the other hand, IE was very slow on regular upgradation. Microsofts Internet Explorer (IE) now accounts for less than 60% of the browser market which is a significant drop from 95% when it was at its peak in 2003. Apple is one of the most important rival of IE in the browser market because its safari is gaining popularity over the period of time.

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