Samsung Bada 2.0 To Host NFC and Improvements
Is Bada going to be bigger than Android? Well we are hesitant to make any comments at this point.
AT&T Launched “Buy One, Get one Free” Offer for Windows Phone
If you are planning to buy Windows phone during the holiday season, then the recent incredible deal from AT&T is going to catch your eyeballs.
Apple to Release 7 inch iPad Before Christmas: Report
There is rumor that Apple is going to release mini 7 " iPad just in time before the holidays.
Nokia India Woes Continue
NEW DELHI, INDIA ( Nokia which once used to be the de facto choice for the mobile users worldwide is slowly but steadily losing its market share in a lot of key markets including India.
World’s First 32GB DDR3 RAM Unveiled by Samsung
Korean electronic major, Samsung has unveiled the world's highest density RDIMM (Registered dual inline memory module).
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